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Although they are far more robust than they used to be, aerials are still highly susceptible to damage and are often in need of repair. Even if the problem doesn’t seem too drastic at first, failure to mend any breakages can result in poor reception, temperamental signal and in severe cases the inability to watch any television at all.

All too often we see aerials that have been knocked by falling branches, or aerials that have been knocked by strong winds or harsh weather. If your area has recently suffered a storm and you’re finding that your television is struggling to pick up a good signal, or if you suspect your aerial has been hit or knocked by something, contact us for an honest assessment.

Aerial Solutions are experts in aerial repairs, and only send out trained technicians to assess and mend breakages. With over 25 years of experience in the industry we are proud to offer a reliable service at highly competitive rates and can find a solution to fit every requirement and budget.

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